Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camp Branch Church of God of Prophecy

My wife and I were privileged to be in service this past Sunday morning at the Camp Branch Church in Manor GA.  

The Camp Branch Church has been a steady supporter of C.P.M.A. and now Heritage Ministries for many years.   They are already 100% for 2009!

I would like to thank Pastor Ricky Knox, his family, and the congregation for making us feel so welcome.


Paul Holt

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Kingfisher said...

Hello Bro. Paul,

It's true. Those Burger Mountain burgers were as good or better than you said. A group from Arrowhead finally got to visit Fields of the Wood last Sat. We really enjoyed it. Oh and I actually got to see inside of the First Assembly House.
We didn't realize how close we actually are to the Park. The last time, about 7 years ago, we went on the way back to MS after a visit with Barbara's sister, but we traveled the Dragon's Tail. See y'all.
Talk later, Barry P. King