Monday, November 23, 2009

Heritage Ministries Conference in California

My wife and I just returned from the Los Angeles area where our California Spanish Region hosted a Heritage Ministries Conference. We so enjoyed being with the fine folks in this region.

The Conference was held at the El Monte Church and was well attended by both young and old. Those gathered were very enthusiastic about our heritage, but they were also excited about moving forward in vision. They really brought to life our catchphrase for Heritage Ministries, "Preserving Heritage, Pursuing Vision."

We would like to thank Michael Wilson Ordonez. Bro. Ordonez is the Heritage Ministries Director for the region. He did a great job organizing and moderating the conference. We want to commend the Overseer, Bishop Joey Garcia, and his wife, Diana, for their outstanding leadership in this region.

We want to extend a "thank you" to the wonderful people that we met. Their kindness and hospitality was such a blessing. This was our first trip to California and these wonderful people made it extra special.

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