Monday, June 14, 2010

Heritage Day 2010

This past Saturday, we celebrated Heritage Day at Fields of the Wood. It was a celebration of where we have been and where we are going.

We had a strong representation of youth and children. There was also a very strong delegation from our Southeast Region, which prompted us to add a new wrinkle to the event – translation. It turned out to be a great day and we give God the Glory for being with us!

I would like to thank Perry and Kay Horner for their hard work with the children. Perry did face painting for five hours on Saturday!

I would like to thank our Fields of the Wood staff for all their hard work.

A special thanks to all who ministered:

Laramie Rodriguez and the Calhoun Georgia Church Praise Team

Several from the Southeast Region

Wildwood Church Choir

Shelly Wilbanks and the F3 Worship Team

Bishop Winston Reid

Darren Schalk

Mike Luithle

Translators – Benjamin Feliz, Gabriel Vidal, and Laramie Rodriguez

Bro. Tito who took up an offering and raised $380.00!

I would like to give an extra big THANK YOU to the Marion, OH Church. They came up early and spent all day Friday working at the Park. During that time, they were able to paint ALL of the commandments on Ten Commandment Mountain and paint a great number of the steps in the park.

In attendance, there was a representation from several states/regions, some of our International Office staff, and area churches. Thanks to all who attended!

From beginning to end, it was a blessed day.

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