Friday, January 9, 2009

Fields of the Wood Needs

While Heritage Ministries is about more than Fields of the Wood, the bulk of the funds raised are used to operate the park. Over the past few years, there has been a decrease in memberships and donations, which has greatly hindered efforts to maintain the park in good order.

Even though the condition of the park is in need of improvements and repair, Fields of the Wood remains a popular tourist attraction, with people from most every denomination and all walks of life visiting regularly. A self-proclaimed atheist visited our park and said, “I cannot say that I believe . . . but for the first time in my life, I can see why people do believe.”

A number of people have told me that they would have given to improve the park, if they had only known of the need. Well, I want to make you aware of the following needs. . .
  • The Bible at the top of 10 Commandment Mountain is in serious need of repair
  • Many of the markers need repair and/or updating
  • The arch at the bottom of 10 Commandment Mountain needs repair
  • We have a need for improved signage at the main entrance to make people aware of the Gift Shop & Cafe
  • The Pavilion is in serious need of remodel (Tennessee COGOP is working towards taking care of this project)
  • There is a great deal of concrete work that needs to be done on steps, walkways and walls
  • We need funding to be able to keep banners on the All Nations Cross from March through November
  • We need a commercial freezer (meeting North Carolina regulations) for the cafe
  • When funds are available, we have plans to refurbish the plane that was once on display at the park.
  • and more

If you would like to give, you can do so online at or you can mail your donation to:

Church of God of Prophecy

Heritage Ministries

PO Box 2910

Cleveland TN 37320

Please specify - repairs and improvements

Thank you!

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