Monday, February 23, 2009

News from Fields of the Woods

1. The Church of God of Prophecy in Tennessee is raising money to make repairs on the park pavilion. I was able to meet with the construction team last Thursday and the project is slated to be complete by Heritage Day on June 13, 2009.

2. Some repairs were recently made to the Psalms of Praise wall.

3. Work has begun on the arch at the bottom of Ten Commandment Mountain. It was in dire need of some stucco repair and paint. This project should be completed soon.

4. A new sign promoting the park, the gift shop, and the cafe is currently being installed in front of the park on Hwy 294. This should be a real attention grabber to those that are driving by!

5. The plane that was once on display at the park is currently getting some clean up and a face lift. We hope to have it on display again soon.

6. The All Nations Cross has been without flags for some time. Banners have been ordered and they will be on display from Easter to the end of November.

7. New Fields of the Wood brochures have been printed and are available. If you would like some brochures, please contact me at

A special thank you to our Fields of the Wood staff for all their hard work!


Paul Holt

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